Jamie + Chris | Frankfort Wedding Photography

It all started when Chris slid into Jamie's DMs...

It was the height of the pandemic when Chris reached out to reconnect with Jamie a mutual fitness coach and trainer from Oragnetheory where they both worked together 4 years prior. They connected over meaningful Instagram posts and shared interests during an otherwise isolating time. Just like their carefully choreographed wedding song says - they were a match made in heaven and it was obvious sharing life together was the only way forward, especially once their daughter Mackenzie came along to light up their world!

…and the rest is history.

“Some things just go better together and probably always will
Like a cup of coffee and a sunrise, Sunday drives and time to kill
What's the point of this ol' guitar if it ain't got no strings?
Or pourin' your heart into a song that you ain't gonna sing?
It's a match made up in heaven, like good ol' boys and beer
And me, as long as you're right here.”

- Luke Combs 'Better Together'

We had the best time celebrating them and capturing their country inspired wedding day! Congratulations to Jamie and Chris! 
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Photography: K & E Photography
Florist: Phillip’s Flowers & Gifts
Cake & Donut Bakery: Orland Park Bakery
Band: The WalkIns
Ceremony: St. Francis of Assisi - Orland Park
Venue | Reception: Southern Charm - Frankfort


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