John + Marisa | Chicago Wedding

John & Marisa found love in a hopeless place...Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Which was the perfect location for their engagement session

However, for their gorgeous fall wedding day, we brought the sunshine to Chicago soaking it up and down Lakeshore Drive. 

The wedding day started out with the bride getting ready at JW Marriott Chicago, and the groom getting ready at Allegro Royal SonestaThen the trolley made its way on Rush Street to St. James Chapel. After a beautiful ceremony, we took the party towards Wrigley Field, where a home game was going on. The lot of us being Cubs fans has all the nostalgic feels!

Experiencing the game outside the field at Gallagher Way, and making a stop at Murphy's Bleacher's where the couple met, the crowds were so sweet congratulating the newlyweds. To quote John, “this was just perfect for our wedding day. I just love this!”

Making our way back down Lakeshore Drive just as the sun was setting over the Chicago Riverwalk and we found ourselves with extra time. When our couples give us that extra time for portraits, we use it wisely! The cityscapes were the perfect backdrop. 

Ending at our last stop, Amazing Space, entering the gorgeous glass doors to dance the night away.


Congratulations John & Marisa!

Vendor Team:

Photography: K & E Photography

Wedding Coordinator: Danielle Lamorgese

Hair & Makeup Team: City Lights Beauty

DJ: Max Davis

Ceremony: St. James Chapel

Venue | Reception: The Amazing Space

Florist: Christopher Duquette

Cake Artist: Griege Patisserie

Dress & Cape Designer: Rish






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