Kevin & Stephanie- Greatest Love Story | Warehouse 109 Wedding

Talk about, "Greatest Love Story" between two loving people!
Stephanie and Kevin's first dance song summed up their perfect day so well!

Coming out of the Covid slump - we were so excited to not have only one first look this day, but TWO! It's no secret - we LOVE first looks. It creates some of the most magical images on a wedding day. It gives couples time to get the nerves out and truly be authentic with their emotions.
Steph chose to have a first look with her son Grayson and the little man in her life did not disappoint. He couldn't wait to see his Mom! Yes, those were tears falling behind our cameras! We couldn't help ourselves.

What was even more lovely was Steph and Kevin's first look. The simple gasp of awe from each of them. The surprise. The relief.

The ceremony was such a perfect setting. The garden at warehouse 109 is so perfectly appointed and accompanied this family of 3's vows beautifully.

“We also commit ourselves to you, Grayson,

promising to help guide you through life,

during good times + bad.

We promise to love + support you as long as we all shall live.”

With that the dance floor opened up and so did our hearts! After an incredibly somber year for the wedding and event industry, hearing live music again and watching people cut loose was something all of us vendors missed. We're so happy to be back celebrating awesome milestones like this again!

So, sit back, grab a glass a wine, listen to Greatest Love Story" and enjoy their wedding day unfold below.  

Maybe you'd like to start with their engagement session! We sure do!

"Greatest Love Story"- LANCO

'Cause I was gonna be your forever

You were gonna be my wife

We didn't know any better

Didn't have a clue about life

But I was what you wanted you were what I needed

And we could meet in between

We were gonna be the greatest love story this town had ever seen"

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Vendor Team:

Photography: K & E Photo Events

Event Planner: Eventsby2Sisters

Venue: Warehouse109

Flowers: KatyDiditflowers

Band: Recycle The Day

MakeUp Artist: Griselle Ramirez

Hair Stylist: Allure By Bautista

Wedding Dress: Bri'Zan Couture | Designer: Maggie Sottero Designs 

Wedding Shoes: Von Maur Badgley Mischka

Veil: Dareth Colburn 

Groom Suit: Mens Wearhouse

Officiant: Rev Miller

Ceremony Arch: Staneart Design Co.

Pizza Truck: Billy Bricks Pizza Truck

BBQ Food Truck: Smokin' BBQ Kitchen