Top 10 Timeline Tips | Wedding Photography


During each wedding consultations, whether via phone or in person we work with you on a reasonable and realistic wedding day timeline.
We find that this not only ensures we capture everything of importance, but also helps with parts of your day that may not have even considered.

Our Top 10 Timeline Tips

  • Where will both of you be getting ready? i.e. church, hotel, other ceremony venue
  • How will your bridal party arrive to the ceremony? Have you considered their transportation needs?
  • Are you doing a first look?
  • What time is ceremony? Most churches require bridal party to arrive 30 minutes prior to ceremony.
  • Does the church have any time constraints following the ceremony?
  • If travel is required to portrait location, how far is it from the ceremony and/or from your venue?
  • ALWAYS consider traffic, especially if in the city!
  • Is attending your cocktail hour a priority for you or your family members? If so, you may need extra time for portraits before or after.
  • Are you planning on thanking each table after dinner? If so, your DJ will need to take that into consideration for first dances.
  • After dinner, we typically suggest keeping your photographers for at least 1 hour after dinner, to capture first dances, any additional family portraits, and of course the party!

    Always happy to help your day run smooth and efficiently so you can enjoy it to it's fullest!
    ~Katie & Erin