Annie & Garrett | Homer Glen, IL Wedding

Wedding days have a way of stretching our creative resilience. Annie & Garrett’s day was no different. 

We had meticulous curated a photography timeline for their day that included 90 minutes of romantic outdoor photos in one of our favorite hidden locations.

With rain clouds gathering overhead, Annie & Garrett exchanged their vows at Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church, in Orland Park, IL and as the soaking rain began to fall outside, our problem solving jumped into overdrive. Checking weather radars, wind speeds, and hourly forecasts (yes - didn’t you know we were amateur meteorologists?) we drove with patient determination straight through driving rain, past our planned location, and headed straight for the reception venue. What we found on the other side of those clouds was THE SUN, a gorgeous vista and the dreamiest clouds that ever were!

We make our wedding days work with trust from our clients and creative intuition that we’ve spent so many years practicing

Congratulations Annie & Garrett!

Vendor Team:

Photography: K & E Photography

Hair & Makeup Team: Natalie Shepherd & Krysten Gawley-  Sloane Stevens Salon

DJ: Essense Entertainment

Ceremony: St. Elizabeth Seton

Venue | Reception: Dinofo's Banquets Homer Glen


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