Chicago Riverwalk Engagement | Pre Covid 19

When you've been together for over a decade and have known one another since you were kids (even playing on the same t-ball team) you start your engagement photos in your first place together! It is a must! 

Kim & Neil are such a laid back, fun, and chill couple. We started their engagement session, on their 30th floor apartment, overlooking River North in the heart of downtown Chicago. The window light was beyond gorgeous, but the view...the view was breathtaking! Talk about a first home goals!!!

Kim & Neil explore Chicago's Riverwalk often, so we wanted to capture specific areas we won't be going to on their actual wedding day, including the stunning rooftop of London House where Neil proposed last winter.  We lucked out in early March (pre-covid 19) with the most gorgeous, sunny, sixty degree day. As you can imagine Chicago was booming! Everyone out enjoying the day. No one had a clue that the following weekend we would all be isolated to our homes to protect the most vulnerable in our beautiful city. Editing this session has been a humbling experience filled with disappointment and also so much hope for an enjoyable and productive summer ahead.

Unfortunately, it was only a few days later that Kim & Neil's June wedding had to be rescheduled. After receiving their gallery, Kim texted right away, "With all the current craziness, I'm so thankful we did these. So thank you for recommending or else it wouldn't have happened." Music to our ears! We're so glad that they embraced these images and that they get to enjoy them while they wait for their wedding day!

Even though times are tough, and our couples are feeling the added stress with all the wedding changes and unknowns, know that we are here to help. All your vendors are here to help. 

- Reach out to your wedding vendors

- Be flexible and open to new dates

- Remember it may not be the wedding your originally planned for, but it still will be a day filled with love

Stay Safe

Katie & Erin


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