Cutting The Cake | Your First Bite as Husband & Wife


Cutting the wedding cake is one of the most time honored traditions on a wedding day and often the most forgotten about for most couples! More often than not, a newly married bride and groom who are super excited about their impending party and running high on adrenaline don't know where to begin with their cake.  It's one of the easiest events of your day that can turn into an unforeseen challenge!
The cake is usually cut by the couple immediately following the couple's entrance into their wedding reception. It can sometimes be followed by the first dance, but typically it's a wonderful way to kick of the celebrations before heartfelt speeches and a delicious meal is shared by all.

In fact, the custom is a symbolism of the couple's union and their promise to always provide for each other. 
To avoid confusion on your wedding day, here are a few quick tips:
- Ask your baker which layer you should cut. Sometimes they leave a space indicating it on the backside.
- You may need to ask your venue to provide utensils. A knife, a serving utensil (like a pie server), and forks are always necessary
- Sharing a small taste of the slice you've removed is usually expected (smashing into each other's face is optional)
-Don't forget to seal it with a kiss! It's a great photo op!