Is A 'First Look' Right For You | Wedding Photography

When we curate a wedding day timeline, we will always look at your ceremony time first! We look at it closely as photographers because it holds key information for how the rest of the day will be structured. If your ceremony is later in the day and your cocktail hour/reception immediately follows we will likely suggest a ‘first look’ to spread out and ease your day- giving you more time to enjoy it and be present with each other.

A first look is a small 20-30 minutes of time ahead of the ceremony where the bride and groom get to see each other for the first time that day. Emotions usually run very high, but are followed by a time to cope and process privately instead of in front of ceremony guests. Giving the couple the opportunity to share emotion like this also creates opportunity for more authentic images that overflow with expression. From there- it creates a natural transition to capture bridal party portraits ahead of time as well, leaving only family portraits to be taken immediately after the ceremony and allowing everyone to enjoy cocktail hour together. In these situations, cocktail hours are being used as a time for couples to receive their guests, avoiding mingling delays after dinner and before the reception kicks off.

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For couples that would like to maintain a more traditional feel, but still enjoy a first look, we suggest saving your first kiss for the ceremony. Wedding planning takes compromise and we strive to find the best fit and schedule for all of our couples. We take the time to build trust with you by understanding your goals and expectations so that you feel comfortable trusting us to capture your day.

~Katie & Erin