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We are firm believers that soul mates aren’t just of the romantic type. There are many people in our lives like this. Some stay for only a season and some will be there through all of the ish. There are many names for these souls. #besties, #bff, #soulsisters, #kindredspirits
This is the kind of connection that we have enjoyed for the better part of 5 years.
IN marks 6 year since the very first time we worked together! 6 YEARS!!! We launched k&e this week with intention and purpose, but it's crazy how much we've captured in what feels like such a short time! It’s probably because we both have kids and are hyper conscious of how fast time flies, but seriously... where did that time go?! To celebrate this milestone we dove into our archive of behind the scene photos. Yep, happy tears were definitely shed. We've come so far and are excited for the road ahead! Come down memory lane with us today...

We first met in person at a Starbucks...ha!, That by itself is just too appropriate as we both have an affinity for our coffee. It’s an obsession really! Katie was in the throws of early mommyhood, with her 2 year old in tow and 3 months pregnant with her 2nd daughter. Erin needed a 2nd photographer for an upcoming wedding contract. We hit a sweet spot in the conversation and spent over an hour chatting it up about everything under the sun. It was like we were long lost friends who were picking up a conversation we started long before that moment! Needless to say the synergy was carried into the wedding later that month.
KHP_0864KHP_0864 Somewhere around year four we were finishing each other’s sentences while instructing portraits and putting our clients into hysterics. We were
 calling each other “work wives” and our clients were telling us we were “one brain” and “the dynamic duo.” We would question whether things had been covered adequately at an event and the other would smugly say, “took care of it…it’s done.” From a technical perspective, we both had a very similar photographic eye and shooting style, which made trusting each other to divide and conquer a wedding day easy.
KHP_0869KHP_0869 For two type A business owners, we were both surprised how easily it was to give up that control and step outside our comfort zones. However, at the heart of was freeing. We were finally able to give ourselves the permission to delegate and to trust someone else with the physical and mental load of a wedding day. Wedding days used to leave us with an emotional hangover the next day and when we started working together, that feeling was significantly reduced. Like we mentioned- we both have an affinity for coffee and we constantly coffee clutch over business talk during the week. You have no idea how satisfying it is to talk shop with someone who understands the passion and also the challenges.
KHP_0867KHP_0867 We recognized that we had something that a lot of other people in the industry didn’t. We had longevity. We had rapport. We had drive to be better. To do better. To keep going and to deliver a great experience and product to our clients.

We’ve learned a TON more about each other while developing k&e.
We’ve taught each other to embrace different office workflows. We’ve learned to respect each other’s bedtimes and the right to coffee before work chatter! Ultimately we've learned how to trust deeper and love photography more. You don’t spend 6 years working and cultivating a synergy like this without being emotionally invested. The passion we have for our work shows in every interaction between us and our couples.
KHP_0865KHP_0865 We are so proud of what we're building together. We’re looking forward to seeing through the amazing journey ahead and the many people that we’ll get to meet and continue working with along the way.