K&E Photo Events: Blog https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog en-us (C) K&E Photo Events (K&E Photo Events) Fri, 17 Feb 2023 13:25:00 GMT Fri, 17 Feb 2023 13:25:00 GMT https://www.kandephotoevents.com/img/s/v-12/u791639057-o718256305-50.jpg K&E Photo Events: Blog https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog 120 90 Jamie + Chris | Frankfort Wedding Photography https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2023/2/jamie-chris-frankfort-wedding-photography It all started when Chris slid into Jamie's DMs...

It was the height of the pandemic when Chris reached out to reconnect with Jamie a mutual fitness coach and trainer from Oragnetheory where they both worked together 4 years prior. They connected over meaningful Instagram posts and shared interests during an otherwise isolating time. Just like their carefully choreographed wedding song says - they were a match made in heaven and it was obvious sharing life together was the only way forward, especially once their daughter Mackenzie came along to light up their world!

…and the rest is history.

“Some things just go better together and probably always will
Like a cup of coffee and a sunrise, Sunday drives and time to kill
What's the point of this ol' guitar if it ain't got no strings?
Or pourin' your heart into a song that you ain't gonna sing?
It's a match made up in heaven, like good ol' boys and beer
And me, as long as you're right here.”

- Luke Combs 'Better Together'

We had the best time celebrating them and capturing their country inspired wedding day! Congratulations to Jamie and Chris! 
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Photography: K & E Photography
Florist: Phillip’s Flowers & Gifts
Cake & Donut Bakery: Orland Park Bakery
Band: The WalkIns
Ceremony: St. Francis of Assisi - Orland Park
Venue | Reception: Southern Charm - Frankfort

(K&E Photo Events) autumn barn wedding bride bridesmaids canon usa Chicago Chicago Wedding Chicago Wedding Photographer Chicago Weddings country wedding destination destination weddings downtown dream big emotional investment fall fall wedding frankfort Illinois girlboss groom groomsmen i do love Nikon photography southern charm trust Wedding photography woman on top women in business https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2023/2/jamie-chris-frankfort-wedding-photography Thu, 16 Feb 2023 20:11:09 GMT
Kelly + Ray Engagement Session at Cantigny Park https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2023/1/kelly-ray-engagement-session-cantigny-park One of the biggest suggestions we make to our couples during their wedding consultation is to book an engagement session with us! 

Why, you may ask? Because we believe in relationship building. We love to get to know our couples before we see them for the biggest day of their life. There is no better way to get the nerves out of the way than with an engagement session. It gives us a chance to learn about them and their love story. 

Kelly & Ray wanted their engagement session at Cantigny Park. We've photographed here before, and every time it's a different experience. We follow the light from location to location. 

As F•R•I•E•N•D•S fanatics, we couldn’t resist the park’s yellow couch inspired by the show:

“Chandler, she wants you for the rest of her life. We look at you and we see you together, and it just it fits, you know? And you just know it's gonna last forever.” 

— Joey Tribbiani

Kelly's beautiful white outfit was perfection, but her gorgeous sheer dress was something special. Ray’s laughter was pure joy while we looked for inspiration around every corner. 

We're looking forward to the wedding in 2023!

2023-01-31_00012023-01-31_0001 2023-01-31_00022023-01-31_0002 2023-01-31_00032023-01-31_0003 2023-01-31_00042023-01-31_0004 2023-01-31_00052023-01-31_0005 2023-01-31_00062023-01-31_0006 2023-01-31_00072023-01-31_0007 2023-01-31_00082023-01-31_0008 2023-01-31_00092023-01-31_0009 2023-01-31_00102023-01-31_0010 2023-01-31_00112023-01-31_0011 2023-01-31_00122023-01-31_0012 2023-01-31_00132023-01-31_0013 2023-01-31_00142023-01-31_0014 2023-01-31_00152023-01-31_0015

(K&E Photo Events) Cantigny Chicago Wedding Photographer couch engaged engagement friends friendstvshow girlboss kandephotography love Park photos quotes ring session Wedding photography yellow https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2023/1/kelly-ray-engagement-session-cantigny-park Tue, 31 Jan 2023 20:38:23 GMT
John + Marisa | Chicago Wedding https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2023/1/john-marisa-chicago-wedding John & Marisa found love in a hopeless place...Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Which was the perfect location for their engagement session

However, for their gorgeous fall wedding day, we brought the sunshine to Chicago soaking it up and down Lakeshore Drive. 

The wedding day started out with the bride getting ready at JW Marriott Chicago, and the groom getting ready at Allegro Royal SonestaThen the trolley made its way on Rush Street to St. James Chapel. After a beautiful ceremony, we took the party towards Wrigley Field, where a home game was going on. The lot of us being Cubs fans has all the nostalgic feels!

Experiencing the game outside the field at Gallagher Way, and making a stop at Murphy's Bleacher's where the couple met, the crowds were so sweet congratulating the newlyweds. To quote John, “this was just perfect for our wedding day. I just love this!”

Making our way back down Lakeshore Drive just as the sun was setting over the Chicago Riverwalk and we found ourselves with extra time. When our couples give us that extra time for portraits, we use it wisely! The cityscapes were the perfect backdrop. 

Ending at our last stop, Amazing Space, entering the gorgeous glass doors to dance the night away.


Congratulations John & Marisa!

Vendor Team:

Photography: K & E Photography

Wedding Coordinator: Danielle Lamorgese

Hair & Makeup Team: City Lights Beauty

DJ: Max Davis

Ceremony: St. James Chapel

Venue | Reception: The Amazing Space

Florist: Christopher Duquette

Cake Artist: Griege Patisserie

Dress & Cape Designer: Rish






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(K&E Photo Events) Bleachers bride bridesmaids canon usa Chicago Chicago Wedding Chicago Wedding Photographer city weddings Cubs drive Field Gallagher girlboss gocubsgo groom i do kandephotoevents Lake lakeshore Murphy nikonusa Shore Space The Way Wedding photography Wrigley https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2023/1/john-marisa-chicago-wedding Wed, 18 Jan 2023 15:24:49 GMT
Alana + Brian | Engagement Session https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2023/1/downtown-arlington-heights-engagement-session Alana + Brian | Engaged

Lake County natives, Alana and Brian are getting ready to tie the knot. We had the pleasure of getting to know them better over their summer engagement session where they were all giggles and grins for each other. Between the perfect sunset, weather, and smiles, we can't wait to join them for their upcoming garden wedding this summer!

Katie & Erin

2023-01-13_00042023-01-13_0004 2023-01-13_00032023-01-13_0003 2023-01-13_00062023-01-13_0006 2023-01-13_00072023-01-13_0007 2023-01-13_00082023-01-13_0008 2023-01-13_00052023-01-13_0005 2023-01-13_00092023-01-13_0009 2023-01-13_00102023-01-13_0010 2023-01-13_00112023-01-13_0011 2023-01-13_00122023-01-13_0012 2023-01-13_00132023-01-13_0013 2023-01-13_00142023-01-13_0014 2023-01-13_00152023-01-13_0015 2023-01-13_00162023-01-13_0016

(K&E Photo Events) Arlington Heights Arlington Heights Photographer Arlington Heights Weddings bride buffalo grove photographer Chicago Chicago Wedding Photographer city wedding city weddings cook county photographer Engaged Engagement Engagement photos engagement session girlboss groom i do Lake county photographer long grove photographer naperville wedding palatine photographer park ridge photographer she said yes suburb wedding suburbs wedding day Wedding photography https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2023/1/downtown-arlington-heights-engagement-session Fri, 13 Jan 2023 19:34:54 GMT
Marisa + John | Milwaukee Engagement Session https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2022/7/marisa-john-milwaukee-engagement-session Chicago natives, Marisa and John knew The Second City was exactly where they wanted to get married!

However, as current Milwaukee residents, we knew that their engagement session would be so perfectly captured in their own Walker's Point neighborhood in The Brew City!
We made the trek up, met at a brewery (of course), and the most personal engagement session! The top locations in Walker's Point was their very own rooftop overlooking the Coakley Brother's Watertower, an iconic MKE mural, and a gorgeous city skyline view from the river! We had so much fun learning about their love story and how much they have fallen head over heels for Milwaukee as much as Chicago.

We can't wait to party with these two on their wedding day!

2022-07-28_00012022-07-28_0001 2022-07-28_00022022-07-28_0002 2022-07-28_00032022-07-28_0003 2022-07-28_00042022-07-28_0004 2022-07-28_00052022-07-28_0005 2022-07-28_00062022-07-28_0006 2022-07-28_00082022-07-28_0008 2022-07-28_00112022-07-28_0011 2022-07-28_00132022-07-28_0013 2022-07-28_00142022-07-28_0014 2022-07-28_00152022-07-28_0015 2022-07-28_00162022-07-28_0016 2022-07-28_00172022-07-28_0017


(K&E Photo Events) Chicago Chicago photographer Chicago Wedding Photographer Chicago Weddings city city wedding city weddings destination weddings engagement milwaukee milwaukee wedding milwaukee wedding photographer session The Windy City the brew city wedding Wedding photography https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2022/7/marisa-john-milwaukee-engagement-session Fri, 29 Jul 2022 12:00:00 GMT
Top 10 Timeline Tips | Wedding Photography https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/12/top-timeline-tips-wedding-photography KHP_0879KHP_0879

During each wedding consultations, whether via phone or in person we work with you on a reasonable and realistic wedding day timeline.
We find that this not only ensures we capture everything of importance, but also helps with parts of your day that may not have even considered.

Our Top 10 Timeline Tips

  • Where will both of you be getting ready? i.e. church, hotel, other ceremony venue
  • How will your bridal party arrive to the ceremony? Have you considered their transportation needs?
  • Are you doing a first look?
  • What time is ceremony? Most churches require bridal party to arrive 30 minutes prior to ceremony.
  • Does the church have any time constraints following the ceremony?
  • If travel is required to portrait location, how far is it from the ceremony and/or from your venue?
  • ALWAYS consider traffic, especially if in the city!
  • Is attending your cocktail hour a priority for you or your family members? If so, you may need extra time for portraits before or after.
  • Are you planning on thanking each table after dinner? If so, your DJ will need to take that into consideration for first dances.
  • After dinner, we typically suggest keeping your photographers for at least 1 hour after dinner, to capture first dances, any additional family portraits, and of course the party!

    Always happy to help your day run smooth and efficiently so you can enjoy it to it's fullest!
    ~Katie & Erin
(K&E Photo Events) beach wedding behind the scenes bossbabe boston boston massachusetts bride bridesmaids canon usa cape cod Chicago Chicago Wedding Chicago Wedding Photographer Chicago Weddings city city wedding city weddings coffee destination destination weddings downtown dream big emotional investment friends girlboss gold coast wedding groom groomsmen hello i do introduction Michigan Ave mom boss Nikon north shore wedding photography teammate timeline tips and tricks trust Wedding photography wedding planning woman on top women in business work buddies work life work life balance https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/12/top-timeline-tips-wedding-photography Tue, 28 Dec 2021 22:12:07 GMT
Annie & Garrett | Homer Glen, IL Wedding https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/10/annie-garrett-homer-glen-il Wedding days have a way of stretching our creative resilience. Annie & Garrett’s day was no different. 

We had meticulous curated a photography timeline for their day that included 90 minutes of romantic outdoor photos in one of our favorite hidden locations.

With rain clouds gathering overhead, Annie & Garrett exchanged their vows at Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church, in Orland Park, IL and as the soaking rain began to fall outside, our problem solving jumped into overdrive. Checking weather radars, wind speeds, and hourly forecasts (yes - didn’t you know we were amateur meteorologists?) we drove with patient determination straight through driving rain, past our planned location, and headed straight for the reception venue. What we found on the other side of those clouds was THE SUN, a gorgeous vista and the dreamiest clouds that ever were!

We make our wedding days work with trust from our clients and creative intuition that we’ve spent so many years practicing

Congratulations Annie & Garrett!

Vendor Team:

Photography: K & E Photography

Hair & Makeup Team: Natalie Shepherd & Krysten Gawley-  Sloane Stevens Salon

DJ: Essense Entertainment

Ceremony: St. Elizabeth Seton

Venue | Reception: Dinofo's Banquets Homer Glen


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(K&E Photo Events) bridal bride bridesmaids canon usa chicago chicago wedding photographer dinofos girlboss glen groom homer nikonusa party photographers wedding wedding photography https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/10/annie-garrett-homer-glen-il Fri, 29 Oct 2021 15:15:45 GMT
Power Couple- Colleen & Ryan Summer Engagement Session https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/10/power-couple--colleen-ryan-summer-engagement-session Colleen & Ryan, both went to the same high school, knew of one another & their love story all started at the gym.

Power Couple

Your love is beautiful and you can see the strong connection in the way you both look at one another.

Cannot wait to photograph your love story this weekend on your wedding day.

2021-10-21_0002 copy2021-10-21_0002 copy 2021-10-21_0001 copy2021-10-21_0001 copy 2021-10-21_0003 copy2021-10-21_0003 copy 2021-10-21_0004 copy2021-10-21_0004 copy 2021-10-21_0005 copy2021-10-21_0005 copy 2021-10-21_0006 copy2021-10-21_0006 copy 2021-10-21_0007 copy2021-10-21_0007 copy 2021-10-21_0008 copy2021-10-21_0008 copy 2021-10-21_0009 copy2021-10-21_0009 copy 2021-10-21_0010 copy2021-10-21_0010 copy 2021-10-21_0013 copy2021-10-21_0013 copy 2021-10-21_0012 copy2021-10-21_0012 copy 2021-10-21_0015 copy2021-10-21_0015 copy 2021-10-21_0014 copy2021-10-21_0014 copy 2021-10-21_0017 copy2021-10-21_0017 copy 2021-10-21_0016 copy2021-10-21_0016 copy 2021-10-21_0019 copy2021-10-21_0019 copy 2021-10-21_0020 copy2021-10-21_0020 copy 2021-10-21_0021 copy2021-10-21_0021 copy

(K&E Photo Events) bride couple covid engagement forest groom gym kandephotoevents love oak power ring session summer https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/10/power-couple--colleen-ryan-summer-engagement-session Thu, 21 Oct 2021 16:07:46 GMT
Kelli & Melissa | Antioch, IL Lake Marie Wedding https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/10/-bigday4mandk #BigDay4MandK

Please enjoy Kelli and Melissa's breathtaking lake front wedding on the shore's of Lake Marie, in Antioch, Illinois.
When Kelli married Melissa she gained a wife, a son, and a daughter!
This new family's commitment to each other was celebrated by their dear friends and family during a intimate patio ceremony and lake front reception.
We couldn't be happier for them and we're so honored to have been invited to capture their emotional and fun day!

Vendor Team:

Photography: K & E Photography

Event Planner/Coordinator: Joy Jones Planning & Design

Hair & MakeUp Artists: Pin Me Up Chicago

Florist: Antioch Flower Shop

Cake / Cupcake Artist: Sweet Discoveries

Band: Tallboy MKE

Brides Wedding Dresses: David's Bridal

Bridesmaids Dresses: David's Bridal

Men's & Boy's Suits: Suitshop

2021-10-14_0001 copy2021-10-14_0001 copy 2021-10-14_0002 copy2021-10-14_0002 copy 2021-10-14_0003 copy2021-10-14_0003 copy 2021-10-14_0004 copy2021-10-14_0004 copy 2021-10-14_0005 copy2021-10-14_0005 copy 2021-10-14_0006 copy2021-10-14_0006 copy 2021-10-14_0007 copy2021-10-14_0007 copy 2021-10-14_0008 copy2021-10-14_0008 copy 2021-10-14_0009 copy2021-10-14_0009 copy 2021-10-14_0010 copy2021-10-14_0010 copy 2021-10-14_0011 copy2021-10-14_0011 copy 2021-10-14_0012 copy2021-10-14_0012 copy 2021-10-14_0013 copy2021-10-14_0013 copy

2021-10-15_00032021-10-15_0003 2021-10-14_0014 copy2021-10-14_0014 copy 2021-10-14_0015 copy2021-10-14_0015 copy 2021-10-14_0016 copy2021-10-14_0016 copy 2021-10-14_0017 copy2021-10-14_0017 copy 2021-10-14_0018 copy2021-10-14_0018 copy 2021-10-14_0019 copy2021-10-14_0019 copy 2021-10-14_0020 copy2021-10-14_0020 copy 2021-10-14_0021 copy2021-10-14_0021 copy 2021-10-14_0022 copy2021-10-14_0022 copy 2021-10-14_0023 copy2021-10-14_0023 copy 2021-10-14_0024 copy2021-10-14_0024 copy 2021-10-14_0025 copy2021-10-14_0025 copy 2021-10-14_0026 copy2021-10-14_0026 copy 2021-10-14_0027 copy2021-10-14_0027 copy



(K&E Photo Events) Antioch bride brides canon usa destination weddings girlboss kandephotoevents love loveislove nikonusa photographers pride two wedding Wedding photography https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/10/-bigday4mandk Fri, 15 Oct 2021 20:31:50 GMT
Meghan & Caleb | Janesville, Wisconsin Wedding https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/8/janesville-wisconsin-wedding Meghan and Caleb's wedding day was captured at the historic Armory in Janesville, WI.
They're vision and plan for every detail and elegance came together beautifully.
From their adorable dress hangers to the table decor - it was perfection.
Meghan could not have been more stunning in her lace dress.

It was definitely the best man that got all the LAUGHS!
Donning a wedding gown, stepping in for Meghan and surprising the eager Groom with a fake, and very funny, first look!

The speeches and first dances were tear jerkers, emoting all the love and joy
that their family and friends hold for these college sweethearts.

Congratulations Meghan & Caleb!

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(K&E Photo Events) bride bridesmaids destination weddings groom Janesville love The Armory Wedding photography Wisconsin Wisconsin Wedding Wisconsin wedding photographers https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/8/janesville-wisconsin-wedding Thu, 26 Aug 2021 16:45:06 GMT
Jamie & Dylan - Circa on Seventh, Kenosha Wisconsin Wedding https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/8/jamie-dylan---circa-on-seventh-kenosha-wisconsin-wedding #happilyweberafter

They say that rain on your wedding day is good luck!
Just like the snow storm that marked Jamie and Dylan's winter  engagement session, the thunder and lightening didn't get us down.
We hopped the puddles after the storm and ended up with the most fun, post-storm skies for their wedding photos!

Jamie had the most dramatic button up back on her gorgeous lace dress, while Dylan looked so sharp with his gray suit and baby blue tie.

It's no surprise this Wisconsin wedding started with delicious Spotted Cow beer, from New Glaurus Brewing Co

Their first look was perfection and just how we envisioned it - emotional and filled with happy tears!

Circa on Seventh, boasted an incredible indoor balcony that helped create such magical images. We may have to add that as a requirement to all venues! ;).

From a quick and beautiful ceremony and meaningful speeches to a never empty dance floor, their day was pure joy!

Congratulations Jamie & Dylan!

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Creative Team:

Photographers: K & E Photo Events

Venue: Circa On Seventh

Coordinator: Kelsey Tolver - Culinary Infusion

Videographer: Hello Darling Films

Florist: Parkway Floral

DJ: DJ Positive

Make Up & Hair Artist: Lauren Emily Beauty

Officiant: Renee Terracina



(K&E Photo Events) canon usa Chicago Wedding Photographer Circa destination weddings First Look K and E Photo Events Kenosha Nikon Usa on Seventh Spotted Cow Summer Wedding Wedding Wedding photography Wisconsin Wedding https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/8/jamie-dylan---circa-on-seventh-kenosha-wisconsin-wedding Tue, 17 Aug 2021 22:24:52 GMT
Kevin & Stephanie- Greatest Love Story | Warehouse 109 Wedding https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/6/warehouse109wedding Talk about, "Greatest Love Story" between two loving people!
Stephanie and Kevin's first dance song summed up their perfect day so well!

Coming out of the Covid slump - we were so excited to not have only one first look this day, but TWO! It's no secret - we LOVE first looks. It creates some of the most magical images on a wedding day. It gives couples time to get the nerves out and truly be authentic with their emotions.
Steph chose to have a first look with her son Grayson and the little man in her life did not disappoint. He couldn't wait to see his Mom! Yes, those were tears falling behind our cameras! We couldn't help ourselves.

What was even more lovely was Steph and Kevin's first look. The simple gasp of awe from each of them. The surprise. The relief.

The ceremony was such a perfect setting. The garden at warehouse 109 is so perfectly appointed and accompanied this family of 3's vows beautifully.

“We also commit ourselves to you, Grayson,

promising to help guide you through life,

during good times + bad.

We promise to love + support you as long as we all shall live.”

With that the dance floor opened up and so did our hearts! After an incredibly somber year for the wedding and event industry, hearing live music again and watching people cut loose was something all of us vendors missed. We're so happy to be back celebrating awesome milestones like this again!

So, sit back, grab a glass a wine, listen to Greatest Love Story" and enjoy their wedding day unfold below.  

Maybe you'd like to start with their engagement session! We sure do!

"Greatest Love Story"- LANCO

'Cause I was gonna be your forever

You were gonna be my wife

We didn't know any better

Didn't have a clue about life

But I was what you wanted you were what I needed

And we could meet in between

We were gonna be the greatest love story this town had ever seen"

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Vendor Team:

Photography: K & E Photo Events

Event Planner: Eventsby2Sisters

Venue: Warehouse109

Flowers: KatyDiditflowers

Band: Recycle The Day

MakeUp Artist: Griselle Ramirez

Hair Stylist: Allure By Bautista

Wedding Dress: Bri'Zan Couture | Designer: Maggie Sottero Designs 

Wedding Shoes: Von Maur Badgley Mischka

Veil: Dareth Colburn 

Groom Suit: Mens Wearhouse

Officiant: Rev Miller

Ceremony Arch: Staneart Design Co.

Pizza Truck: Billy Bricks Pizza Truck

BBQ Food Truck: Smokin' BBQ Kitchen





(K&E Photo Events) 2021 bride canon usa Chicago Wedding Photographer family first girlboss groom look micro warehouse109 wedding Wedding photography weddings https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/6/warehouse109wedding Tue, 08 Jun 2021 02:11:58 GMT
Snowy Winter Wonderland Engagement Session - Fabyan Forest Preserve- Batavia, IL https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/3/snowy-winter-wonderland-engagement-session---fabyan-forest-preserve--batavia-il What's better than a winter engagement session? A winter engagement session that ends with the perfect sparkling white snow!

Jamie & Dylan's engagement session may have been a bit chilly, but trucking through the snow was worth it. Their love for one another radiates through their photos. We cannot wait for their wedding this summer.


Katie & Erin

2021-03-03_00022021-03-03_0002 2021-03-03_00012021-03-03_0001 2021-03-03_00032021-03-03_0003 2021-03-03_00042021-03-03_0004 2021-03-03_00052021-03-03_0005 2021-03-03_00062021-03-03_0006 2021-03-03_00072021-03-03_0007 2021-03-03_00082021-03-03_0008 2021-03-03_00092021-03-03_0009 2021-03-03_00102021-03-03_0010 2021-03-03_00112021-03-03_0011 2021-03-03_00122021-03-03_0012 2021-03-03_00132021-03-03_0013 2021-03-03_00142021-03-03_0014 2021-03-03_00152021-03-03_0015 2021-03-03_00162021-03-03_0016 2021-03-03_00172021-03-03_0017 2021-03-03_00182021-03-03_0018

(K&E Photo Events) batavia batavia photographer canon usa chicago engagement photographers chicago wedding photographer engagement photos inspiration engagement ring engagement session fabyan forest preserve kandephotoevents nikonusa snow wedding photography winter engagement session winter fashion https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2021/3/snowy-winter-wonderland-engagement-session---fabyan-forest-preserve--batavia-il Wed, 03 Mar 2021 15:36:19 GMT
Naperville Riverwalk | Summer Engagement Session https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2020/9/naperville-riverwalk-summer-engagement-session Quarantine, like a lot of things in 2020 left us in the unknown, especially in the wedding industry. When our entire process felt like it was changing, including in person consultations, we felt extra grateful and extra creative to see this couple in person for their gorgeous summer engagement session.
Summers in Naperville are amazing, but sunset sessions at the Naperville Riverwalk are gorgeous! Even though it may have been ninety degrees on a hot August night, Kevin & Stephanie were able to cool off in the river. They walked hand-in-hand over the iconic bridge where they got engaged. The riverwalk is a special place to this incredible couple, but their home which they share with Stephanie's son Grayson is extra special. We were excited to complete the session where they are starting their life together as a family of three.
Stephanie & Kevin, we cannot wait for your wedding next year! Congratulations!

Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement Naperville Riverwalk EngagementNaperville Riverwalk Engagement

(K&E Photo Events) canon usa Chicago Wedding Photographer Engagement girlboss inspiration love Naperville nikonusa Photographer ring Riverwalk Session summer Wedding Wedding photography https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2020/9/naperville-riverwalk-summer-engagement-session Tue, 01 Sep 2020 15:06:52 GMT
Covid-19 Chicago Summer Intimate Wedding at The Gwen Chicago https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2020/8/covid-19-chicago-summer-intimate-wedding-at-the-gwen-chicago It's the year 2020 and you're planning your dream wedding! Then...a global pandemic happens! The city shuts down. Not for a few days, but for several weeks! The world feels eerily silent. The unknown and total lack of control over your exciting day becomes one heartbreaking disappointment after another. 

Kim & Neil, not only had to deal with changing wedding dates and hiring new vendors, but the scary unknowns of how to host a wedding in the most safe and responsible way possible. Keeping track of daily health changes became a norm. Their original June wedding date came and went. The threat of rising Covid cases meant more possible changes. The August date approached with some uncertainty, but they met it with resilience and flexibility and it could not have been a more beautiful, blue skied day. From the relief of emotions at their first look to walking down a deserted Michigan Avenue for the most perfect photo ops! Not even a little rain (because what could be more, 2020 than rain on your wedding day?) could take away their joy. The team of vendors worked tirelessly to change the timeline up a bit so Kim & Neil were able to have their ceremony outdoors overlooking a gorgeous Chicago cityscape and pushing the drizzly cocktail hour indoors, allowing guests to sip on a specialty drink, Forget Me Fiji, made with hibiscus lemonade, vodka & prosecco, and surrounded by none other than hand sanitizer, Clorox Wipes, and of course, face masks!

Their intimate outdoor dinner reception boasted city views, a stunning sunset, and an even more beautiful table arrangement of candles and florals. 

Intimate Summer Chicago WeddingIntimate Summer Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding

2020-08-17_0011 copy2020-08-17_0011 copy 2020-08-17_0007 copy2020-08-17_0007 copy Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding Intimate Chicago WeddingIntimate Chicago Wedding

Team of Vendors:

Photographers: K & E Wedding/Event Photography

Venue: The Gwen Chicago

Florist: Elena’s Garden

Cake: Bittersweet

Violinist: Emily Mather

Hair & Makeup Artist: Hairs2TheBride

Wedding Dress: Wolsfelts Bridal

Tux: Generation Tux

Bride's Rings: Gage Diamonds


(K&E Photo Events) bride canon usa chicago city covid-19 destination weddings girlboss groom gwen hand lights nikon sanitizer skyline summer the usa wedding Wedding photography https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2020/8/covid-19-chicago-summer-intimate-wedding-at-the-gwen-chicago Tue, 18 Aug 2020 02:04:07 GMT
Chicago Riverwalk Engagement | Pre Covid 19 https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2020/4/chicago-riverwalk-engagement-session-pre-covid-19 When you've been together for over a decade and have known one another since you were kids (even playing on the same t-ball team) you start your engagement photos in your first place together! It is a must! 

Kim & Neil are such a laid back, fun, and chill couple. We started their engagement session, on their 30th floor apartment, overlooking River North in the heart of downtown Chicago. The window light was beyond gorgeous, but the view...the view was breathtaking! Talk about a first home goals!!!

Kim & Neil explore Chicago's Riverwalk often, so we wanted to capture specific areas we won't be going to on their actual wedding day, including the stunning rooftop of London House where Neil proposed last winter.  We lucked out in early March (pre-covid 19) with the most gorgeous, sunny, sixty degree day. As you can imagine Chicago was booming! Everyone out enjoying the day. No one had a clue that the following weekend we would all be isolated to our homes to protect the most vulnerable in our beautiful city. Editing this session has been a humbling experience filled with disappointment and also so much hope for an enjoyable and productive summer ahead.

Unfortunately, it was only a few days later that Kim & Neil's June wedding had to be rescheduled. After receiving their gallery, Kim texted right away, "With all the current craziness, I'm so thankful we did these. So thank you for recommending or else it wouldn't have happened." Music to our ears! We're so glad that they embraced these images and that they get to enjoy them while they wait for their wedding day!

Even though times are tough, and our couples are feeling the added stress with all the wedding changes and unknowns, know that we are here to help. All your vendors are here to help. 

- Reach out to your wedding vendors

- Be flexible and open to new dates

- Remember it may not be the wedding your originally planned for, but it still will be a day filled with love

Stay Safe

Katie & Erin


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(K&E Photo Events) bride canon usa chicago Chicago Wedding Photographer city wedding covid19 destination weddings engagement girlboss groom londonhouse riverwalk session Wedding photography https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2020/4/chicago-riverwalk-engagement-session-pre-covid-19 Wed, 01 Apr 2020 16:41:49 GMT
Chicago Engagement | Simply Elegant Valentine Giveaway https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2020/3/chicago-engagement
We partnered with Simply Elegant for Chicago's Valentine's Day Giveaway which included:
Hair & Makeup, a photo shoot, dinner for two, and an overnight stay. 
~ ~ ~
We had the most amazing time photographing in Hotel Allegro's gorgeous lobby with the most romantic lighting.  We then headed outside into he heart of busy downtown Chicago. Temperatures were a very chilly and windy 12 degrees. However, Isa & Danny didn't let the weather effect their smiles. With the L train steaming past us every few minutes, the heat lamp lights under the hotel sign and winter coats with a cute winter hat, walking up and down Randolph Street, we were able to capture their love for one another so easily.
Event Planners: Simply Elegant 
Photographers: K & E Photography
Hair & Makeup: Kate Johnson Artistry
Hotel Stay: Hotel Allegro Chicago
Dinner: Boleo

2020-03-10_00012020-03-10_0001 2020-03-10_00022020-03-10_0002 2020-03-10_00032020-03-10_0003 2020-03-10_00042020-03-10_0004 2020-03-10_00052020-03-10_0005 2020-03-10_00062020-03-10_0006 2020-03-10_00072020-03-10_0007 2020-03-10_00082020-03-10_0008 2020-03-10_00112020-03-10_0011 2020-03-10_00092020-03-10_0009 2020-03-10_00102020-03-10_0010

(K&E Photo Events) bride bridesmaids canon usa Chicago Chicago Engagement Chicago Wedding Chicago Wedding Photographer Chicago Weddings chitownwedding city city wedding city weddings destination destination weddings downtown dream big emotional investment engagement girlboss gold coast wedding groom groomsmen Michigan Ave north shore wedding photography trust Wedding photography woman on top women in business https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2020/3/chicago-engagement Fri, 13 Mar 2020 13:55:30 GMT
Dan & Jaimie's Wedding Day | Chicago Wedding Photographers https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/11/dan-jaimies-wedding-day-chicago-wedding-photographers 'Fall Into Love' could not have been a more perfect theme for Jaimie & Dan's wedding day. After non stop rain in Chicago for weeks, their wedding day was a sunny, 60 degree day in mid October. Jaimie was such a calm, cool, and collected Bride. Dan was laid back with a GQ look in his tux. Since the ceremony had a 5:30pm start time, a first look was a perfect option for them. It allowed the pair to enjoy much more of their day together with their bridal party and also gave us an opportunity to complete formal family photos outside on such a gorgeous day. Surrounded by fall colors all over the trees, their romantic, emotional ceremony was nothing short of spectacular!
 Everyone enjoyed cocktail hour and took full advantage of the dance floor. We're so excited to have been part of their special day.
Thank you, Jaimie & Dan. Cheers to you!

SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents14SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents14 bridal details including flowers, close up of bride getting ready and her engagement ring.SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents08 bride in wedding gownSouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents07 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents09SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents09 groom portait and editorial images of him getting ready for his wedding daySouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents06 A black and white image of the groom looking out a window at his wedding ceremony.SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents05 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents03SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents03 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents10SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents10 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents11SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents11 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents12SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents12 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents20SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents20 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents22SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents22 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents23SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents23 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents19SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents19 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents18SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents18 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents13SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents13 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents02SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents02 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents17SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents17 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents16SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents16 SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents01SouthChicagoWeddingPhotography_K&EPhotoEvents01

Photographers: Katie Hall & Erin Stefanik with K & E Photography

Ceremony/Reception Venue: Ruffled Feathers
Florist: SID’s of Palos Hills
Cake: Orland Park Bakery
DJ: Tone Productions
Make up Artist:  Danielle Leighton
Hair Artist: Katelyn
Wedding Dress: David's Bridal
Bridesmaid Dresses: David's Bridal
Tuxes: Men's Wearhouse
Officiant: One Fine Day


(K&E Photo Events) autumn wedding bride bride squad bridesmaids canon usa Chicago Chicago Wedding Chicago Wedding Photographer Chicago Weddings city city wedding city weddings destination destination weddings downtown dream big emotional investment engagement engagement ring engagement session fall into love fall leaves fall photography fall wedding girlboss gold coast wedding groom groomsman groomsmen i do Illinois lemont love Michigan Ave Nikon north shore wedding photography ruffled feathers golf club trust Wedding photography woman on top women in business https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/11/dan-jaimies-wedding-day-chicago-wedding-photographers Wed, 27 Nov 2019 16:51:38 GMT
Gaby & Elan's Wedding | Pinstripes, Oakbrook Terrace https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/6/gaby-elans-wedding-pinstripes-oakbrook-terrace We were so excited to join Gaby and Elan for their unique and ultra fun wedding day celebrations at Pintstripes, an upscale bocce court, bowling alley, and bistro less than an hour drive from downtown Chicago.
This exciting venue gave them the perfect backdrop to blend their families and their traditions.
Mazel tov!

K&E_OakbrookWedding01K&E_OakbrookWedding01 K&E_OakbrookWedding02K&E_OakbrookWedding02 K&E_OakbrookWedding03K&E_OakbrookWedding03 K&E_OakbrookWedding04K&E_OakbrookWedding04 K&E_OakbrookWedding05K&E_OakbrookWedding05 K&E_OakbrookWedding06K&E_OakbrookWedding06 K&E_OakbrookWedding07K&E_OakbrookWedding07 K&E_OakbrookWedding08K&E_OakbrookWedding08 K&E_OakbrookWedding09K&E_OakbrookWedding09 K&E_OakbrookWedding10K&E_OakbrookWedding10 K&E_OakbrookWedding11K&E_OakbrookWedding11 K&E_OakbrookWedding12K&E_OakbrookWedding12 K&E_OakbrookWedding13K&E_OakbrookWedding13 K&E_OakbrookWedding14K&E_OakbrookWedding14 K&E_OakbrookWedding15K&E_OakbrookWedding15 K&E_OakbrookWedding16K&E_OakbrookWedding16 K&E_OakbrookWedding17K&E_OakbrookWedding17 K&E_OakbrookWedding18K&E_OakbrookWedding18 K&E_OakbrookWedding19K&E_OakbrookWedding19 K&E_OakbrookWedding20K&E_OakbrookWedding20 K&E_OakbrookWedding21K&E_OakbrookWedding21 K&E_OakbrookWedding22K&E_OakbrookWedding22 K&E_OakbrookWedding23K&E_OakbrookWedding23 K&E_OakbrookWedding24K&E_OakbrookWedding24 K&E_OakbrookWedding25K&E_OakbrookWedding25 K&E_OakbrookWedding26K&E_OakbrookWedding26 K&E_OakbrookWedding27K&E_OakbrookWedding27 K&E_OakbrookWedding28K&E_OakbrookWedding28 K&E_OakbrookWedding29K&E_OakbrookWedding29 K&E_OakbrookWedding30K&E_OakbrookWedding30 K&E_OakbrookWedding31K&E_OakbrookWedding31 K&E_OakbrookWedding32K&E_OakbrookWedding32 K&E_OakbrookWedding33K&E_OakbrookWedding33 K&E_OakbrookWedding34K&E_OakbrookWedding34 K&E_OakbrookWedding35K&E_OakbrookWedding35 K&E_OakbrookWedding36K&E_OakbrookWedding36 K&E_OakbrookWedding37K&E_OakbrookWedding37 K&E_OakbrookWedding38K&E_OakbrookWedding38 K&E_OakbrookWedding39K&E_OakbrookWedding39

(K&E Photo Events) beach wedding bride bridesmaids canon usa Chicago Chicago Wedding Chicago Wedding Photographer Chicago Weddings city city wedding city weddings destination destination weddings downtown dream big emotional investment girlboss gold coast wedding groom groomsmen i do jewish wedding love luxury luxury wedding mazel tov Michigan Ave Nikon north shore wedding photography trust Wedding photography https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/6/gaby-elans-wedding-pinstripes-oakbrook-terrace Wed, 05 Jun 2019 23:42:05 GMT
Cutting The Cake | Your First Bite as Husband & Wife https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/5/cutting-the-cake KHP_K&B0528KHP_K&B0528

Cutting the wedding cake is one of the most time honored traditions on a wedding day and often the most forgotten about for most couples! More often than not, a newly married bride and groom who are super excited about their impending party and running high on adrenaline don't know where to begin with their cake.  It's one of the easiest events of your day that can turn into an unforeseen challenge!
The cake is usually cut by the couple immediately following the couple's entrance into their wedding reception. It can sometimes be followed by the first dance, but typically it's a wonderful way to kick of the celebrations before heartfelt speeches and a delicious meal is shared by all.

In fact, the custom is a symbolism of the couple's union and their promise to always provide for each other. 
To avoid confusion on your wedding day, here are a few quick tips:
- Ask your baker which layer you should cut. Sometimes they leave a space indicating it on the backside.
- You may need to ask your venue to provide utensils. A knife, a serving utensil (like a pie server), and forks are always necessary
- Sharing a small taste of the slice you've removed is usually expected (smashing into each other's face is optional)
-Don't forget to seal it with a kiss! It's a great photo op!

(K&E Photo Events) bride bridesmaids canon usa Chicago Chicago Wedding Chicago Wedding Photographer Chicago Weddings city city wedding city weddings coffee cut the cake destination destination weddings downtown dream big emotional investment girlboss gold coast wedding groom groomsmen i do Michigan Ave Nikon north shore wedding photography teammate trust wedding cake Wedding photography woman on top women in business https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/5/cutting-the-cake Wed, 22 May 2019 18:13:25 GMT
Jen & Joe's Wedding | Chicago Wedding Photographers https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/5/jen-joe-chicago-wedding-photographers We could not have imagined a better day in Chicagoland for Jen & Joe's wedding! The weather and the atmosphere was a photographer's paradise for the entire 9 hours we documented their special day. Jen and Joe's fun loving attitudes made them easy to work with. They truly took the time for each other and their guests throughout their day, giving us the opportunity to capture some of our favorite images of the year!

From a surprise first look that left Joe almost speechless to their first dance to One Republic, we could feel just how perfect they were for each other.
Thank you both so much for inviting us into your day. We're so excited to share these memories with you.

~Katie & Erin

Ceremony: St. Elizabeth Seton, Orland Hills Illinois
Reception: Ruffled Feathers Country Club, Lemont Illinois
Florist: Catherine's Garden
Cake: Orland Park Bakery
DJ Services: Rolling Sounds DJ
Makeup Artist: Michelle McDonald, Lisa Thomas Salon
Hair Stylist: Krysten Gawley, Sloane Stevens Salon 
Bridesmaid Dresses: The Crystal Bride, Geneva Illinois
Wedding Gown: Bella Sposa Boutique, Tinley Park Illinois
Tuxedos: Mens Warehouse

KHP_0945KHP_0945 KHP_0946KHP_0946 KHP_0947KHP_0947 KHP_0948KHP_0948 KHP_0949KHP_0949 KHP_0950KHP_0950 KHP_0951KHP_0951 KHP_0952KHP_0952 KHP_0953KHP_0953 KHP_0954KHP_0954 KHP_0955KHP_0955 KHP_0956KHP_0956 KHP_0957KHP_0957 KHP_0958KHP_0958 KHP_0959KHP_0959 KHP_0960KHP_0960 KHP_0961KHP_0961 KHP_0962KHP_0962 KHP_0963KHP_0963 KHP_0964KHP_0964 KHP_0965KHP_0965 KHP_0966KHP_0966 KHP_0967KHP_0967 KHP_0968KHP_0968 KHP_0969KHP_0969 KHP_0970KHP_0970 KHP_0971KHP_0971 KHP_0972KHP_0972 KHP_0973KHP_0973 KHP_0974KHP_0974 KHP_0975KHP_0975 KHP_0976KHP_0976 KHP_0977KHP_0977 KHP_0978KHP_0978

(K&E Photo Events) beach wedding bride bridesmaids canon usa Chicago Chicago bride Chicago Wedding Chicago Wedding Photographer Chicago Weddings city wedding city weddings country club wedding destination destination weddings downtown dream big emotional investment girlboss gold coast wedding groom groomsmen i do Lemont Illinois love story Michigan Ave Naperville Wedding Nikon north shore wedding Orland Park Orland Park Wedding photography Ruffled Feathers teammate Tinley Park Wedding trust wedding ceremony Wedding photography woman on top women in business https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/5/jen-joe-chicago-wedding-photographers Wed, 01 May 2019 15:45:09 GMT
Chicago's Hottest New Event Venues | Chicago Wedding Photographers https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/3/chicago-hottest-new-event-venues When we set out to start our photography brands so many years ago we never imagined that mid week could look anything like this!
Our jobs may involve countless hours behind the camera and computer, hours trying to understand social media and marketing, but it's days like this that allow us to get a little more personal with our industry and do what we like to do best- connect. This year we're ecstatic to announce that, K&E will be a preferred VIP vendor with The Simply Elegant Group.

K&E Photography
will be a
VIP vendor with
The Simply Elegant Group!


We have had the pleasure of working with their planners in the past and can not say enough wonderful things about our experience with them and their expertise for our couples. Working with good wedding planners allows us to focus on our creativity and capturing our couple's day effectively.

On Wednesday we got to hit the road with these amazing planners and many other wedding industry professionals for their VIPs & Venues bus tour, giving us the chance to tour some of the newest venues in the city of Chicago. We were blown away!


We cannot thank Lindsey & Ashley at The Simply Elegant Group enough for the fabulous opportunity & inviting us along on an incredible day/afternoon. We had such a wonderful time. From all the incredible venues, conversations and of course cocktails and food, it was truly a great day had by all. We appreciate all the hard work put into the planning.
Sign us up for the next one!

221 N. Paulina St. | Chicago, IL 60612

Contact: Karly Fabbri
J and L Catering

When we first arrived, we couldn’t help but notice these amazing mirrors. As the dynamic duo black and white selfies go, we just couldn’t resist. We were greeted by The Simply Elegant team and 50+ industry creative professionals. We not only were able to tour the space, but indulge in a sample of JandL Catering’s amazing food & cocktails. Their champagne mule was a bubbly morning touch. This new venue is just absolutely amazing. Each room is better than the next and the possibilities are endless. With their gorgeous lounge couches, chaivari chairs and tableware, draping (comes in 5 different colors), chandeliers & lighting to for the perfect finishing touch. Not to mention their Hollywood inspired green room/bridal room, complete with the best movie quotes of all time! We love this venue for it's versatility and lofty charm!
KHP_0919KHP_0919 KHP_0899KHP_0899 KHP_0897KHP_0897 KHP_0898KHP_0898 KHP_0920KHP_0920



3057 N. Rockwell | Chicago, IL 60618
Tania Madon & Kate Gueorguieva

Before you even walk through the front door, you are greeted by a brick alley complete with interchangeable uplighting. It opens onto a shared brick courtyard. Walking through the front doors, past the floor to ceiling window is almost overwhelming. If you're looking for a blank slate- this is the space for you. The floor is tiled with WOOD and this space can accommodate more than 800 guests! It's hard not to be drawn right back outside onto the 5,000sq foot Italian brick patio overlooking the river and the city skyline! Winter wedding? No problem. The patio can accommodate cocktail igloos. How fun!
KHP_0900KHP_0900 KHP_0901KHP_0901 KHP_0902KHP_0902

2400 S. Michigan Ave. | Chicago, IL 60616
Brittney Reecy & Megan Crowe

A hidden Chicago historic gem. You walk in and truly have to stop and breathe in the history! This space was originally home to the Illinois Automobile Club (1930's) and then the Chicago Defender Magazine (1950's). There have been some very influential feet that have walked these halls! First, look down at your feet, you will find a quote laid there by the Defender staff. It was uncovered during renovations, the workers came across the tile under a bunch of junk and low and beyond was this gorgeous tile & quote. As coffee lovers ourselves, we couldn’t help but dig in and try the amazing coffee bar provided by Limelight Catering. It was our very own DIY barista. No surprise, the courtyard, is a must have in the warmer months, truly breath taking. The historic charm and detail in every room is mesmerizing! The bathrooms located on 2nd & 3rd floor were walk-in safes, repurposed and turned into bathrooms. For any event, especially a wedding, the bridal room, is a photographer’s dream. From the stain glass windows, to the unique decor, will bring any bride wanting to get her getting ready photos in there.
KHP_0904KHP_0904 KHP_0905KHP_0905 KHP_0906KHP_0906 KHP_0907KHP_0907 KHP_0908KHP_0908 KHP_0910KHP_0910 KHP_0918KHP_0918

644 N. Lake Shore Dr. | Chicago, IL 60611
Robin Wilson

With over 14, 000 square feet of sophisticated event space in downtown Chicago, this hotel is the ideal backdrop for a waterfront wedding or business meeting. The views are endless! Full 180 of Navy Pier & Lake Michigan right off Lake Shore Drive and skyline on the opposite side. There isn't a bad view in the house! The W brand prides itself on speaking to your senses. You are greeted with the most pleasant smells as soon as you walk in the door!  Your tastebuds will be delighted with all of the signature food and house maid beverage options. We got to enjoy their signature dish (house made meatballs and ricotta cheese) as well as their signature cocktail, a Raspberry Mule. We received a tour of the event spaces as well as the E-WOW suite, which is available for bridal parties. This space is perfect for getting ready photography. Who wouldn't want to take a spin in the fun chair?! Rooms like this are important! You want to ensure there is plenty of space for your bridal party and all your incoming vendors (Makeup & Hair Artists/ Photographers, Videographers, Event Planners, etc.). And let's not forget the panoramic view of the lake and Navy Pier!
KHP_0916KHP_0916 KHP_0917KHP_0917



222 N. LaSalle St. | Chicago, IL 60601
Prime & Provisions: Rebecca Lachman
Builders BLDG: Michelle Zonis

Prime & Provisions offers the perfect setting to host any special occasion! With two expansive private dining rooms and flexible semi private event space, including our Outdoor Terrace, they can accommodate groups from 10-200 guests! This exciting venue can accommodate small weddings and rehearsals quite easily. The outdoor private patio is quaint and complete with heaters for winter enjoyment. The modern bar area inside is a welcoming touch. Private event space is located upstairs and overlooks the bar area below. The two story wine cellar is stunning! The intimate event space has a panoramic view across the street from the Chicago River.
KHP_0911KHP_0911 ...
The four story atrium of the Builders BLDG exudes elegance and is a stunning backdrop for any type of event. From the intricately detailed atrium ceiling, to the attention grabbing grand staircase. Our venue is an ideal fit for weddings of 100-200 guests for a cocktail reception and a seated dinner. The space can accommodate up to 500 guests for a reception style event. The covered outdoor terrace is a great addition for your cocktail reception, or a lounge space.
KHP_0913KHP_0913 KHP_0912KHP_0912
City Hall

838 W. Kinzie, | Chicago, IL 60654
Contact: Toula Georgakopoulos

We've never been pivvy to an event space that is still in the process of being built! City Hall is divided into a 5, 000 sq ft event space, a 3,700 sq ft restaurant and a 7,000 sq ft outdoor patio. Inspired by design elements of a municipal building, the event space has a 37 ft stone bar, a marble staircase and 20 ft windows that overlook the city skyline. Formerly, a truck maintenance facility, the “no-columns” space boasts 40ft ceilings with intricate steel beams and intriguing skylights. It was inspiring to see this team's creative vision and we can't wait to make it back in May when the space in complete!

111 W. Kinzie, Chicago, IL 60654
Contact: Stephanie Chamberlin
Inspired by prohibition era supper clubs, this venue has the largest selection of American whiskey in the world! It boasts this title as soon as you walk in the door with wall to wall back lit shelves that showcase their selection. The restaurant is located in the basement like a modern Chicago speakeasy. The decor is swanky and elegant. Multiple rooms, state of the art A/V, & outstanding food & beverages make Untitled the ideal venue for private parties, as well as corporate, social, networking, & fundraising events.


(K&E Photo Events) behind the scenes bossbabe bride bridesmaids canon usa Chicago Chicago Wedding Chicago Wedding Photographer Chicago Weddings city city wedding city weddings coffee destination destination weddings downtown dream big emotional investment friends girlboss gold coast wedding groom groomsmen i do Michigan Ave Nikon north shore wedding photography teammate The Simply Elegant Group Wedding photography wedding venues woman on top women in business https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/3/chicago-hottest-new-event-venues Fri, 08 Mar 2019 18:45:12 GMT
Is A 'First Look' Right For You | Wedding Photography https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/2/is-a-first-look-right-for-you When we curate a wedding day timeline, we will always look at your ceremony time first! We look at it closely as photographers because it holds key information for how the rest of the day will be structured. If your ceremony is later in the day and your cocktail hour/reception immediately follows we will likely suggest a ‘first look’ to spread out and ease your day- giving you more time to enjoy it and be present with each other.

A first look is a small 20-30 minutes of time ahead of the ceremony where the bride and groom get to see each other for the first time that day. Emotions usually run very high, but are followed by a time to cope and process privately instead of in front of ceremony guests. Giving the couple the opportunity to share emotion like this also creates opportunity for more authentic images that overflow with expression. From there- it creates a natural transition to capture bridal party portraits ahead of time as well, leaving only family portraits to be taken immediately after the ceremony and allowing everyone to enjoy cocktail hour together. In these situations, cocktail hours are being used as a time for couples to receive their guests, avoiding mingling delays after dinner and before the reception kicks off.

KHP_0892KHP_0892 KHP_0893KHP_0893

For couples that would like to maintain a more traditional feel, but still enjoy a first look, we suggest saving your first kiss for the ceremony. Wedding planning takes compromise and we strive to find the best fit and schedule for all of our couples. We take the time to build trust with you by understanding your goals and expectations so that you feel comfortable trusting us to capture your day.

~Katie & Erin


(K&E Photo Events) beach wedding behind the scenes bossbabe bride bridesmaids canon usa Chicago Chicago Wedding Chicago Wedding Photographer Chicago Weddings city city wedding city weddings coffee destination destination weddings downtown dream big emotional investment first kiss first look friends girlboss gold coast wedding groom groomsmen i do Michigan Ave Nikon north shore wedding photography teammate trust Wedding photography woman on top women in business https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/2/is-a-first-look-right-for-you Wed, 27 Feb 2019 17:02:04 GMT
the k&e story... | Chicago Wedding and Event Photographers https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/1/the-k-e-story-chicago-wedding-and-event-photographers We are firm believers that soul mates aren’t just of the romantic type. There are many people in our lives like this. Some stay for only a season and some will be there through all of the ish. There are many names for these souls. #besties, #bff, #soulsisters, #kindredspirits
This is the kind of connection that we have enjoyed for the better part of 5 years.
IN FACT...today marks 6 year since the very first time we worked together! 6 YEARS!!! We launched k&e this week with intention and purpose, but it's crazy how much we've captured in what feels like such a short time! It’s probably because we both have kids and are hyper conscious of how fast time flies, but seriously... where did that time go?! To celebrate this milestone we dove into our archive of behind the scene photos. Yep, happy tears were definitely shed. We've come so far and are excited for the road ahead! Come down memory lane with us today...

We first met in person at a Starbucks...ha!, That by itself is just too appropriate as we both have an affinity for our coffee. It’s an obsession really! Katie was in the throws of early mommyhood, with her 2 year old in tow and 3 months pregnant with her 2nd daughter. Erin needed a 2nd photographer for an upcoming wedding contract. We hit a sweet spot in the conversation and spent over an hour chatting it up about everything under the sun. It was like we were long lost friends who were picking up a conversation we started long before that moment! Needless to say the synergy was carried into the wedding later that month.
KHP_0864KHP_0864 Somewhere around year four we were finishing each other’s sentences while instructing portraits and putting our clients into hysterics. We were
 calling each other “work wives” and our clients were telling us we were “one brain” and “the dynamic duo.” We would question whether things had been covered adequately at an event and the other would smugly say, “took care of it…it’s done.” From a technical perspective, we both had a very similar photographic eye and shooting style, which made trusting each other to divide and conquer a wedding day easy.
KHP_0869KHP_0869 For two type A business owners, we were both surprised how easily it was to give up that control and step outside our comfort zones. However, at the heart of it...it was freeing. We were finally able to give ourselves the permission to delegate and to trust someone else with the physical and mental load of a wedding day. Wedding days used to leave us with an emotional hangover the next day and when we started working together, that feeling was significantly reduced. Like we mentioned- we both have an affinity for coffee and we constantly coffee clutch over business talk during the week. You have no idea how satisfying it is to talk shop with someone who understands the passion and also the challenges.
KHP_0867KHP_0867 We recognized that we had something that a lot of other people in the industry didn’t. We had longevity. We had rapport. We had drive to be better. To do better. To keep going and to deliver a great experience and product to our clients.

We’ve learned a TON more about each other while developing k&e.
We’ve taught each other to embrace different office workflows. We’ve learned to respect each other’s bedtimes and the right to coffee before work chatter! Ultimately we've learned how to trust deeper and love photography more. You don’t spend 6 years working and cultivating a synergy like this without being emotionally invested. The passion we have for our work shows in every interaction between us and our couples.
KHP_0865KHP_0865 We are so proud of what we're building together. We’re looking forward to seeing through the amazing journey ahead and the many people that we’ll get to meet and continue working with along the way.



(K&E Photo Events) behind the scenes besties bff bossbabe bride bridesmaids canon usa Chicago Chicago Wedding Chicago Wedding Photographer city city wedding coffee coffee clutch destination destination weddings downtown dream big emotional investment friends girlboss gold coast wedding groom groomsmen hello i do introduction Michigan Ave mom boss Nikon north shore wedding photography soul sisters synergy teammate trust Wedding photography woman on top women in business work buddies work life work life balance https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/1/the-k-e-story-chicago-wedding-and-event-photographers Sat, 26 Jan 2019 17:15:00 GMT
Chicago Couple's Luxury Destination Wedding | Cape Cod, Mass. https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/1/chicagocapecoddestinationwedding 2019-01-21_00482019-01-21_0048 Matt & Kaitlin
Cape Cod, Massachusetts

It took Kait and Matt over a year and a half to find the perfect timing for a first date. Despite her friends trying their hardest to get them to see each other, it took the power of social media, a Super Bowl Party, and a mutual love for miniature animals to realize they had each found their person.

Kait recalls being swept off her feet from date #1. There was a Valentine’s Day steak dinner, a Slim Jim Bouquet and a dive bar dance party. Matt even managed to stomach particularly delicious broccoli to impress her. Little did she know, just that small act alone proved she was someone special.
In 2 years time, they found themselves adopting a corgi pup named Turbo, traveling near and far, and buying a home together.

One of their annual excursions was to Kaitlin’s favorite place, Cape Cod. A true highpoint for Kaitlin and her family. They have been spending summers on the cape since she was a kid. She loved it so much that she had always dreamed of being married there. Sharing these little aspirations with Matt just seemed fitting and when they started dating, they would start each trip by staying at her favorite resort, The Wequassett before meeting up at her family’s home. In 2017, Matt completely surprised her with a wedding proposal at Sunset on the grounds of the Wequassett overlooking the bay. They enjoyed champagne and dinner at Atlantic 28 with a sunset view. He even had pre-arranged to meet with a wedding coordinator at the Wequassett the following morning!

Matt and Kait’s careful planning of their 4 day wedding celebration was meticulously crafted with an out of this world vendor team.
They hired many of their vendor’s from the immediate coastal region, but brought in a few, like ourselves from sweet home Chicago. It was our infinite pleasure to have captured their incredibly special 4 day event. From rehearsal to golf and first kiss to first dance and everything in between. We were truly blessed to be in such a wonderful place with such beautiful memories for this couple. Our planning process with Kait and Matt was a year long, with many meetings, questionnaires, phone calls, and travel itineraries. It was the highlight of our fall season. 
 WeddingRehearsal: Wequessett Resort & Golf Club Rehearsal Cocktail Hour/ Dinner: Eastward Ho Country Club 

Groom Hosted Golf Outing: Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club   2019-01-21_00022019-01-21_0002

2019-01-21_00032019-01-21_0003 Welcome Dinner for all guests': Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club   Wedding Day: Bridal Prep/Groom Prep/Ceremony/Cocktail Hour/ Reception/After Party: Wequassett Resort & Golf Club 
It is always a pleasure to work with former bride & grooms.
|Molly & Brad|

2019-01-22_00182019-01-22_0018 Father of the Bride has his own Sundae at an ice cream spot the Lavery family have been regulars at for many years. It was only fitting to surprise Kait's Dad with a customized ice cream sundae bar, featuring his signature sundae, "The Dusty."

Vendor Team:

Photographer's: Erin Stefanik & Katie Hall

Rehearsal/ Wedding Day: Preparation (Bride & Groom), Ceremony, Cocktail Hour, Reception - Wequassett Resort & Golf Club

Rehearsal Cocktail Hour & Dinner: Eastward Ho Country Club

Groomsmen Golf & Welcome Party: Ocean Edge Resort & Golf Club

Transportation: Cape Destinations

Flowers: Fancy Flowers by Meredith

Paper Goods: BTR Marketing

Hair: Beki Farm: B. A Salon on Armitage

MakeUp: Alexandra Dale: Alexandra Makeup Artistry

Guitarist for Welcome Party/Ceremony/Cocktail Hour: Brian Kelly / [email protected]

Band: Decades By Dezyne

DJ: Cape Party Makers

Artist: Laura Balboni Cracium/ Art by Laura Jean

Saberer: Kevin Howard

Wedding Shoes: JIMMY CHOO

Groom's Custom Sport Coat: Fine Spun Clothing


(K&E Photo Events) beach wedding boston boston massachusetts bride bridesmaids btr marketing canon usa cape cod Chicago Weddings city weddings decades by dezyne destination photographer destination weddings Eastward Ho Country Club event photographer fall wedding girlboss gold coast weddings groom jimmy choo love luxury resorts luxury weddings millers cut the cape New England nikon usa Ocean's Edge Ocean's Edge Resort saying i do seaside sweet home chicago the knot weddings travel travel photography wanderlust wedding wedding inspiration wedding photographer wedding" Wequassett Wequassett Resort Wequassett Resort and Golf Club wequassett views https://www.kandephotoevents.com/blog/2019/1/chicagocapecoddestinationwedding Wed, 23 Jan 2019 15:47:27 GMT